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A Mysterious Evening, recap & reflection

I had my first official show last weekend, opening for my buddy Daniel Cullen who is a fantastic mentalist. We the show was sold out, and we had a lot of fun.

I opened doing about 10 minutes of stand-up comedy, it felt great to do that again. Getting a laugh at something you wrote, especially in the places you expected to get a laugh is a unique adrenaline rush. I was working out a new bit about getting older, pretty pleased with it so far, although it needs a better opening and a stronger closing.

After the stand-up comedy, I went in to two effects. Both were original and I managed to not screw up either! It was weird to do a stage act as I mostly do close-up magic, which works best one on one or in a small group setting. It definitely inspired me to develop a full stage act, so further into the world of magic I go.

This show also illuminated another problem, how do I get gigs? Which I suppose is the same problem any independent performer has. If anyone has any ideas or leads... leave a comment. Below is a link to the video of one of the effects I did.

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