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This weekend I took my kiddos to see a great movie, called Smallfoot. It's about a village of Yeti's that discover the elusive Smallfoot creature aka...humans. It's a cool animated film that brilliantly deals with questions of truth and courage. As I often do with animated movies, I got emotional watching it with my children. Why? The movie was full of lessons that I want my kids to learn, those lessons are best summed up in the film's main song, "Wonderfull Life".

As I've mentioned before one of the reason's I love and practice magic is because when it's performed properly, it incites a sense of wonder. The "Wonderfull Life" song from Smallfoot has this beautiful message wrapped up in it's chorus which states, "a life that's full of wonder, is a wonderful life". That's what I want for my children, myself, and for all of us. A life that's full of wonder.

There truly are wondrous things happening all around us, I think we just don't always have the eyes to see them. We are blinded by the seemingly mundane to-do lists we have each day. But some days, we catch glimpses of those wondrous things we are unwittingly immersed in. Maybe it's the sunrise that catches us off guard on the ride in to work. Or the overwhelming sense of belonging that warms us when we share a laugh with our friends. Or perhaps like me, it's when we see our kids lost playing in a world of make believe without a care or worry. Yes friends, life is full of wonder. Sometimes we need a movie, a good song, or maybe a magic trick to remind us of that.

So, may we all better learn to tune in to that frequency of wonder that life continuously and mysteriously thrums at, so that we may live lives full of wonder...a wonderful life.

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